Hojan | Bipod Grip Vertical Grip & Bipod System


  • Increased speed
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased weapon flexibility
  • Stronger than conventional vertical grips
  • Smaller than non-integrated solutions
  • Retracted bipod reduces entanglement factor



High-density Polymer

Deployed Height:







Hojan Grip Pod - Vertical Grip and Bipod is a revolutionary new vertical foregrip integrated with a strong and stable bipod. A push of the button deploys the legs of the Grip Pod instantly. Using the Grip Pod System, an operator can go from a close-quarters combat position to a prone position, and have a stable gun bipod for aimed firing in place before hitting the ground. Say goodbye to cumbersome gun bipods that require a special bipod mount and have to be manually clipped on or folded into position. The vertical grip is widely known throughout the armies and tactical communities of the world to enhance control, accuracy, and speed of short range/CQB (close quarter battle) target acquisition. 

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